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Find your calling in the UK, take advantage of skills shortages, and let us source a job that not only fits your career goals but changes your lifestyle!

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UAE to UK Job Hunting - and more

Being a long standing business in the UK, Prism 7 Resourcing have the advantage when it comes to knowing the UK job market. We are aware of the gaps in the market, the skills shortages and the benefits working in the UK can bring (not just to your career but also your lifestyle)

That is why we offer a dedicated service for our UAE candidates that are looking to diversify their job search, by exploring UK job options. If you are interested in this, please book a free consultation with one of our team who can go through the details of what a UK job role will involve. 

Why Consider The UK?

Skills Shortages

There are many sectors in the UK, where there are a lack of suitable candidates with the skills to fill the roles. You could have the skills needed to succeed!

Future Opportunities

You will have an abundance of future career opportunities available in the UK, with many industries flourishing and a thriving economy. 

Lifestyle Change

The UK offers a different way of life to UAE, if you are just looking for a lifestyle adjustment for you and your family, the UK may be the perfect place for you.

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What About Moving To The UK?

Do I Need A Visa to work in the UK?

Yes, It is likely you will need a Visa or some sort of sponsorship to work in the UK.

Where Will I Live?

The UK is full of fantastic places to make your new home, this will all depend on the lifestyle you want to have and the industry you work in. 

Can Prism 7 Help With This?

The Prism 7 Group provide an array of services, from real estate to corporate and Visa services, and our expertise extend to the UK market! So absolutely, Prism 7 can provide an all-in-one solution, from finding your new job, to helping you gain the permits and Visas you need. Even advising on the best location to live and finding accommodation! 

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If you haven't spoken to our team already about our UK job sourcing service, please book a free consultation to explore your UK job prospects and lifestyle change. 

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